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Arthritis Solution 4 oz

  • Arthritis Solution is a specialized blend of Essential Oils with analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties in a base of our filtered Certified Virgin Organic Shea Butter. This formulation was designed to relieve the symptoms of pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis. This is an organic topical pain reliever that can relieve arthritic aches and stiffness quickly with no side effects.

    Long term use of oral pain relievers sold over the counter or prescribed can create a burden on your stomach, liver and digestive system. Long term use of pain relieving prescribed medications have been known to create drug addictions.

  • 2008 Jun;50(1-2):89-91. 

Essential oils in medicine: principles of therapy.

    Essential oils (EOs) are extremely complex mixtures containing compounds of several different functional-group classes. A specific aromatic profile should be determined by gas-chromatography-mass detection methods, to define standards for their safety and efficacy. The chemical constituents of the essential oils, their flavour and their taste act both alone and in synergy, always determining a global psychosomatic action. The main therapeutic activities of the EOs are reported as spasmolythic, revulsive, antiinflammatory and decongestant, immunomodulant, anti-microbial, anti-mycotic, expectorant, mucolythic, anti-oxidant, psychotrope,analgesic and acaricide. The use, posology, route of administration as well as toxicity and adverse effects are reviewed.

    PMID:18693566 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  • DIRECTIONS: Apply to affected area one hour before bed time or as needed.

    WARNING: avoid use if pregnant, breast feeding or under the age of 12. Not for internal use.

  • I'm just writing to say Thank You for your amazing Arthritis Solution. I shattered my ankle some 20 years ago. I always knew arthritis was inevitable. Up until two weeks ago, I used a cane if I was on my feet for more than 2 hours in any given period. I tried the Shea Organics 7 Arthritis Solution. Very little goes a long way. After the 3rd day, it seemed that the swelling stayed down for longer periods of time and as of right now, I only use it every other day. Great stuff, make the pain stop and give this solution a try. Sincerely, Lisa Demczuk Owner - Sacred Strength Healing Arts

    I purchased one of these items (Arthritis Solution) while visiting Edisto on the last day of the market. My mother in France just received it. She phoned yesterday to say, "It's a miracle!" She has Parkinson's, was hospitalized recently with back pain and also has an irritating pain constantly in her leg. She told me after using it, it was the first good night's sleep she's had in ages, "No pain!" She told me it helped her back AND her leg! I was totally flabbergasted! I hoped for a positive response, but I never dreamed this could help so dramatically! This second purchase is for my husband and I'm hoping for equally astonishing results! Thanks so much!
    - Sherba Nelson, Berea KY

    Name: G DENNIS FRANKLIN Message: I'm a local Central Florida citizen, here for almost seventeen years, retired Mortician from Brooklyn, New York. I am compelled to send high kudos for The Arthritis Solution, product of The Shea Organics 7 company. December 3rd 2015, I was diagnosed with The Gout. My left big toe and whole foot was hideously swollen with the inflammation built-up this disease produces. I was in agony for two weeks, because I refused to go to the emergency room. This was due to a fear of missing my reserved flight to New York for a much anticipated Thanksgiving with my Children, Grands, and Great-Grandchildren. I was discharged from the emergency room with a limited amount prescription of prednisone, which is a steroid, designed to withdraw the urethra asdic inflammation from my big toe joint. I was of cause, instructed to see my Primary Physician for a refill or some other drug to continue my treatment. This is where The ARTHRITIS SOLUTION from Shea Organics7 come into play. This solution with it's NATUAL ingredients (I already know) do withdraw arthritic inflammation from MY JOINTS. I will admit, maybe not as fast as a steroid, BUT, for me it's a lot safer. With that fact in mind, I decided to use it on my left big toe and surrounding area. To my surprise, my swelling has subsided and I can't describe how wonderful it feel to wear a dress shoe to Church,in one week of application after two Sundays wearing unstrapped sandals.

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