Handmade Organic Skin Care
& Pain Management

Organic Itch Solution

  • Organic Itch Solution can eliminate the itch from any skin surface, kill most of the infectious material and facilitates the healing of the skin.

    Organic Itch Solution is made with our filtered Certified Virgin Organic Shea Butter blended with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, niacinamide (vitamin B3), Chickweed Extract and a specialized Essential Oil blend designed to have a anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and healing effect on your skin. One of the components in this formulation is Chickweed Extract which has been used for hundreds of years in the Ayurveda Herbal medicine discipline. We use this Botanical Extract in this formulation for it's ability to stop itching.

  • DIRECTIONS: Apply to affected area as needed.

    WARNING: Not for internal use.

  • I recently came into contact with flea bites all over my right forearm, it itched so severely that I had to wrap my arm to keep me from scratching. I went through three days of hell! I received a jar of Shea Organics7's Organic Itch Solution I applied it and the itching stop immediately. I went to the Doctor who prescribed antibiotics and steroid pills thanks to Organic Itch Solution I didn’t have to use it to address my problem. I would recommend this product to everyone I know. Thank You Shea Organics 7! Lindsay Lanthorne Daytona Beach, FL

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